Friday, 10 May 2013

Tropical Bridal // Styled shoot by Cactus Coral

When we were approached by Madi of CactusCoral, who has recently put together a styled bridal shoot, we jumped at the chance to share it with all our alternative brides.

CactusCoral is the first Beauty, Fashion and Bridal Digizine. Run by Madi Hill a 25 year old Contemporary Art graduate, she brings together talented creative professionals and creates an environment for them to showcase and develop their medium based on a brief from CactusCoral. She works with Artists, Photographers, Hair Stylists, Bloggers, MUA's, Venues and Designers to create high quality contemporary content and ideas. She combines this work with documentation of her own style, her latest fashion and beauty favourites and a behind the scenes look at the Bridal industry.

Madi says "The inspiration for the 'Tropics' photo shoot came from 2 years of assisting on shoots and catwalks and getting frustrated at seeing the same vintage, pretty, romantic way of styling Bridal. I found myself making suggestions to people who, don't get me wrong I respect wholly and truly, but that didn't share my passion for contemporary, creative vibrance and the role that contemporary art can play when styling your own wedding, a catwalk or a photo shoot. There are a ton of Brides that love a more traditional wedding and I'm not saying that that's a bad thing I just saw a niche for something new and different."

As you can tell, Madi shares our view and outlook on Bridal shoots and offering up some ideas to brides that are a bit different to what is currently 'on-trend'. We love how fresh the styling is on this shoot.

 "The visual language of an artist, not only provokes important questions within national and international culture, but forms an exciting visual backdrop that catches the human eye and mind, which in turn of course, becomes a strong place for sales & promotion. I feel that there is a place for art and artists in the industry of Beauty, Fashion & Bridal styling, so I'm doing it!" 

"I hope that my work for CactusCoral will inspire the internet community of fashion conscious people. We are leading increasingly visual lives through the internet and I love how it encourages visual creativity within us all. I am merely applying it to the things that I love and encourage others to do the same!"

Dresses were lent by Enzoani ℅ Butterfly Bridal Boutique in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Jewellery by Georg Jensen and Poppy DandiyaModelled by Alumni Miss Teen Queen winner Chloe Selenda Hill and top UK Fashion Blogger, Kavita Donkersley Khan from She Wears Fashion. The shoot took place at the OVADA warehouse in OxfordThe sets, dotted with floral displays by Stems of Marsh Gibbon were built by Artist Lewk Wilmshurst and photographed by his talented cousin, Hannah Wilmshurst. The dramatic hair was created by session stylist Victoria Pickup whilst Madi took care of the Make-up and styling.