Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fishee Designs Photo Booth Ltd

Emily Fisher

Why settle for any old Photo Booth when you can have the best Fishee in the pond!!?

Fishee Designs Photo Booth Ltd is the most unique Photo Booth I have ever come across. Emily Fisher, AKA Fishee, was adamant from the beginning, when first setting up the business, that she had to have a USP even though initially people didn’t really know what a Photo Booth was.  She stuck to her guns and continued with her vintage themed photo booth and now Photo Booths are all the rage and the market has been diluted her unique style stands out from the crowd.  With her individual take on the Photo Booth, Emily has carefully selected a range of props.  Starting out with the Vintage Shabby Chic style Photo Booth, Emily created a distinctive backdrop with a vintage prop box, including props such as vintage hats, ‘tash’s on sticks, old telephones, frames and much more.  Her trained eye in graphic design means that she edits every single photo with a Vintage border and sepia tones.

Images courtesy of Fishee Designs Photo Booth Ltd

Having edited lots of Vintage style photos over and over during the first half of 2012, Emily felt she wanted to add a bit of diversity to her offerings for her customer base to keeps things fresh. She has always been a fan of artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol and had a love for comic book graphics and their bright colours, which inspired her to set up the Retro Comic Book Booth. With Props such as Superhero masks, Super-girl wigs and various comic signs on sticks, it was great contrast to the vintage feel with a bright yellow, white spotted backdrop and offered something for those brides wanting to add some vibrancy and colour to their big day.  Each photo is also post-edited, to look as if the guests have been transported into a comic book of their own.

Images courtesy of Fishee Designs Photo Booth Ltd

Never one to follow trends, Emily likes to keep the business fresh and ahead of the game and has recently launched the Vintage Hollywood themed photo booth, which includes props such as famous actor and actresses masks-on-sticks, feather boas, Flapper girl head wear, velvet gloves, wigs and much more with a gorgeous red velvet backdrop adding that touch of red carpet, art deco glamour..  Each photo is edited with a unique art deco style border.
Images courtesy of Fishee Designs Photo Booth Ltd

Having had much success with all Photo Booth styles, Emily is set to launch the latest in the range – The Rockabilly Booth - at the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World Show in April. Without giving too much away, she has created a incredible backdrop with beautiful rockabilly style fabric, together with a fantastic prop box such as tattoo sleeves, 50’s Style wigs and much more, but you will have to book your FREE registration to be able to come in and have immense fun in the Booth.

Emily can’t wait to meet you all and is very excited to launch her new concept Photo Booth!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Wilde Bunch

Claire Nicholson

'There is nothing on this planet more weird and wonderful, incredible and edible, curing and enduring, than the flora and fauna. I've been obsessed with its magic from a very early age, passionately from the roots upwards....please don't miss my most magical, scented, beautiful, vertical creation of the season's finest floral ingredients, at their peak” ... & in the meantime,please take a peek'

Images courtesy of The Wilde Bunch

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them” 
- A A Milne

Images courtesy of The Wilde Bunch

'...Expect the Unexpected...'

Images courtesy of The Wilde Bunch

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Black Cherry Cake Co.

Hi Guys!

I'm Tracey of the Black Cherry Cake Company (which is my sister company to Little CherryBlack Cherry is where you will find twisted, horror, geeky, movie, gamer cakes - and is where my heart lies. 

Images courtesy of Black Cherry Cake Co.

I'm a huge lover of horror films, 80's flicks, zombies, skulls, cartoons, rock music, Tim Burton, Disney Pixar, popcorn, tattoo's and other geek filled goodness. I talk a lot, I live for themed wedding cakes and I've been a gamer since I could hold a control pad - I also have to admit I love Freddy Krueger and pizza.

Images courtesy of Little Cherry Cake Co.
One of the best parts of my job is turning some of this stuff into cake and creating one that gets talked about for a LONG time after the wedding. Not everyone remembers the 'white cake with flowers on' but they will sure remember an Alien vs Predator cake! I'm dead easy to get on with and no request is too fact the odder the better! If some of my designs are a little too much for your Grandma to handle we can compromise and do something subtle, just check out my sister site Little Cherry Cake Company.

Images courtesy of Little Cherry Cake Co.

A lot of my creations can be found around the internet on blogs, in select shops, magazines in the UK and US, and were on Channel 4 - now I just need to be seen at your wedding ;) 
I'm looking forward to talking cake and weddings with you lot, can't wait! Come and say hi to me!

See you there dudes x'

Friday, 9 November 2012

Coming Soon....

All I can say for now is we are launching Bristol's first Alternative Wedding Fair... All the details are still to be confirmed... but we are very excited to let you know about it and will be releasing information as and when we have it.... But watch this space..!!!!