Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Black Cherry Cake Co.

Hi Guys!

I'm Tracey of the Black Cherry Cake Company (which is my sister company to Little CherryBlack Cherry is where you will find twisted, horror, geeky, movie, gamer cakes - and is where my heart lies. 

Images courtesy of Black Cherry Cake Co.

I'm a huge lover of horror films, 80's flicks, zombies, skulls, cartoons, rock music, Tim Burton, Disney Pixar, popcorn, tattoo's and other geek filled goodness. I talk a lot, I live for themed wedding cakes and I've been a gamer since I could hold a control pad - I also have to admit I love Freddy Krueger and pizza.

Images courtesy of Little Cherry Cake Co.
One of the best parts of my job is turning some of this stuff into cake and creating one that gets talked about for a LONG time after the wedding. Not everyone remembers the 'white cake with flowers on' but they will sure remember an Alien vs Predator cake! I'm dead easy to get on with and no request is too odd...in fact the odder the better! If some of my designs are a little too much for your Grandma to handle we can compromise and do something subtle, just check out my sister site Little Cherry Cake Company.

Images courtesy of Little Cherry Cake Co.

A lot of my creations can be found around the internet on blogs, in select shops, magazines in the UK and US, and were on Channel 4 - now I just need to be seen at your wedding ;) 
I'm looking forward to talking cake and weddings with you lot, can't wait! Come and say hi to me!

See you there dudes x'

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