Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Illuminarium Special Effects and Fire Art

Ted Chiswell Jones
Illuminarium Ltd
Special Effects & Fire Art
078830 42133

Illuminarium is showcasing four of our beautiful gas powered flambeaux torches, on the terrace area of @Bristol for the duration of the alternative wedding show. Real flame illumination creates a magical atmosphere that electric light just cannot emulate. The flambeaux can be placed outdoors as markers for entrances or pathways, creating a  warm welcome for your guests. I have been working with fire and pyrotechnics for the past 14 years during which time it became apparent that many venues had problems with fireworks due to the noise and mess.

Many couples still want to be able to use fire as a celebratory element on their wedding day. The use of gas flames is a cleaner and quieter alternative to fireworks and has a multitude of interesting applications. I received a request to customise a green goddess fire engine with impressive 4m flame throwers, which my wife Kathryn and I used as our wedding car!

In 2010, I set up a special effects company, Illuminarium Ltd which has £5m public liability insurance cover to showcase our work and enable us to provide fire effects to venues that normally don’t allow fireworks or fire. In that time I have been working in collaboration with other artists and have gone on to create many unique, spectacular fire sculptures and performances for weddings and events around the country.

Illuminarium has provided confetti effects, pyrotechnics, fire poi performances, and created an unorthodox way for the bride and groom to ignite ceremonial bonfires and burn barrels with the ‘Illuminator’. 

We have ‘off the shelf’ effects to hire from as little as a few hundred pounds, which includes insurance and operator or we can create your own completely bespoke effect. 

We build unique sculptures, can light your names in fire or build fire pits and burn barrels to commemorate your special day.

Stop by for a chat and tell us your idea to make your wedding truly unforgettable.  

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