Thursday, 4 April 2013


Are you looking for some unique catering ideas for your big day? Why not come along and try these delicious pies and chat to them on the night to find out what yummy pies you could be feeding your guests!!

Pieminister (created by brothers-in-law Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon) began in Bristol in 2003 and after many months mixing, baking and tasting, pie minister's first pies were born. Since then, the pie range has grown (there are now 13 to chose from) and every pie is an award winner. All the pies are made in-house in Bristol using the best, responsibly-sourced ingredients. Pieminister only uses farm-assured meat, fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and is the only leading pie brand to only use free range British chicken. We've catered at weddings of all shapes, sizes and styles for over five years and we pride ourselves on tailoring our service to meet each couples' needs. We also work hard to stick to our core values; to make our food taste great, act in a socially responsible way and have fun!


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