Friday, 11 January 2013

Pete Cranston Photography

Pete Cranston
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I love Pete Cranston’s photos – as simple as that!  Pete sees people as individuals and wants his photos to reflect that. 
“I want to look back on the photos of my family and have it bring a smile to my face, and make me think about the fun we had.  But I also want the images to not look dated by the style they were shot in.  The photos I have of my family, well, I want them to look timeless.  Timeless and cool.  So that’s what I do. I create work that stands up to the test of time and changing fashions.”
Photography credit. Pete Cranston Photography

Trained as a baker & butcher and having worked as a chef for 18 years, Pete wanted to find a way to fulfill all his visual ideas so decided to study film-making, TV and photography.  Apart from family holidays he’d never picked up a camera in his life but once he got going he was totally hooked.  After graduating from Falmouth in 2006 he became a full-time photographer, working with record labels and in editorial and fashion.
Photography credit. Pete Cranston Photography

When his wife became pregnant he realized he couldn’t find anyone who could capture family photos in the way he wanted without costing the earth so decided to find a middle ground where he could offer amazing photos at a realistic price.
Pete loves document parties so weddings were an obvious fit.  He says “When it comes to weddings, each one is different. I’ve been to enough to know, including my own.  I don’t do ‘off the peg’; you are never made to feel like just another bride and groom. You’re not just hiring a guy with a camera. I love what I do, very, very much. I think of nothing else. So I do my very best to make you extremely happy, and I have a track record to prove it.”
Photography credit. Pete Cranston Photography
 “I would suggest, without a doubt, that you should have Pete for your wedding day.  Or any other celebration in fact” say clients, Beth & Owain.
Photography credit. Pete Cranston Photography
Come and have a chat with Pete at the fair and take a look at his photos – they’ll instantly grab you and you’ll be dying to see yourself through his eyes – I’m just looking for an excuse to hire him!

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