Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Drac in a Box


Drac-in-a-Box Gothic Clothing is all about looking amazing in true Gothic style. We are designers and retailers of Goth, Steampunk, Victorian Style clothing, corsets, Gothic Lolita and Punk. 

We are specialist in extreme elegance and gothic couture, including alternative bridal wear and Neo Victorian. We are a British Company, and we have now been selling gothic and alternative clothing to a worldwide market for over 13 years.

Drac-in-a-Box is headed by Nicole and Loris, who have been goth for longer than they choose to remember.

As a company we take inspiration from art, music and literature of the alternative subculture to create true gothic clothing. All of Drac-in-a-Box exclusive designs are all hand made in the UK with the greatest attention to detail and finish.

We also provide a bespoke design service to bring your dream garment to life.
Let us help you with your gothic wedding, your special occasion or simply build a more extensive and beautiful wardrobe of gothic clothes.

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