Monday, 25 February 2013

Jessica Charleston

Driven by a passion for luxurious fabrics and innovative design, Jessica Charleston designs bespoke wedding dresses with an emphasis on hand detailing. Finding inspiration from the Far flung East to her local flea market Jessica creates original designs with a sense of discovery and romance. From lace applique and beading to hand printed fabrics Jessica will design you something unique which speaks volumes about your character and is perfect for your wedding day.

When you first come to my studio we'll talk about your wedding day, your style and what inspires you. We'll look at a huge range of fabric options, predominantly silk and French lace. I'm also constantly on the look out for new sustainable fabrics (Bamboo is one of my favourites). Once I've got to know you a bit better I'll start sketching out my initial ideas for your dress. I am always flexible and love venturing in new directions. Having a bespoke wedding dress will really help you stand out from the flock. So the more adventurous you want to be the better. Surprise me!

Photos by Hattie Ellis

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