Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Grace Kingsley MUA

Grace was our first port of call when we decided to put together our photo shoot. She pulled together a fantastic team and we were able to create some fantastic shots thanks to her and her teams wild imagination! 

I have worked with in the Make Up and Beauty industry for just over ten years and absolutely love it! I get to work with loads of different people, play with make up and be creative nearly every day.

I have worked in Fashion, Film & TV, Music Videos and have even taught at the London Make Up School but have always specialised in Weddings along the way.Working with brides is great as you get to make them look and feel fabulous on their special day. I work with them from their first phone call or email to plan a look at their trial right through to the last lip stick check before they walk out the door to walk down the isle! 

Over the years I have worked with Bristol Fashion Week, Tres Chic magazine, west weddings, Beautiful Brides, Trap Magazine, ITV to name a few but now I am able to add The Weird and Wonderful Wedding World to my list which has been amazing! This has been one of my favourite projects and it gives endless possibilities to how a bride can look on her special day!I am trianed in all aspects of Make Up, not just the pretty stuff! I come with lots of experience and a huge amount of passion and knowledge.You can find my portfolio at or have a little tweet with me at Graceyk_MUA!

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