Friday, 22 March 2013

Workshop 22

Engagement rings, wedding rings or bridal jewellery, here at workshop 22 you can create your own unique and wonderful wedding jewellery.

Be it something understated and stylish, or a flamboyant work of art, together we will create your perfect piece.

You can design and make it yourself under the skilled guidance of our experienced tutors or commission us to make your designs reality.  Workshop 22 is the perfect venue for adding that personal twist to your wedding experience.

Spend a day with the one you love making your own wedding rings and create memories to cherish forever. Enjoy a day of friendship and laughter while making the jewellery you will wear on your special day. Stand out from the crowd and design a ring that is truly unique and personal and we will be delighted to make it for you at workshop 22 in our onsite studio.


  1. This whole show is shaping up to be AWESOME Cant wait guys xxx

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