Friday, 8 March 2013

Professor Maelstromme

Professor Maelstromme is the alter Ego of artist Amanda Scrivener.  She presents a sumptuous collection of accessories, inspired by history, infused with drama and perfected in the crucible of her imagination.  Bespoke pieces are my passion and my imagination knows no bounds!  I like to call my creations demented Victoriana.  I studied jewellery design, production, metal work, silversmithing and textiles at Art College. 

I enjoy working with leather, metal, fabrics, lace, vintage artifacts to make a range of accessories including hats, spats, jewellery and belts. I am inspired by Gaslight Romance, Gothic, Steampunk and Historical places.   

 "All in all the professors curiosities have been hailed as imaginative oddities epitomizing the rich landscape of steampunk design"

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